mercoledì 17 luglio 2019

⫸ Presenting "MEQOM YAD/ASSUR"

Here we are.

After more than 6 years of thought/actions of Q.309 and various attempts at diffusing it we have decided to give a stable mutability through this site to our activities.

All that we have done, in body and thought has always leaked out through the channels of the realities who carried the fundation of the Q.309 Network as V.L.F. Laboratories.

On this site we will publish on an irregular way notes/hints and considerations concerning both the though/action Q.309 and the updates related to us as the Ayinic exploration called CHANNEL 309,  where we act for the production of the image as an act of communion.

Certain from the experience that the path of action finds its fullfillment in the contemplation of the setian Unum, here we start the way to a flow of action with an unpreadictable outcome.

Here we present the official publicatiion Q.309 "MEQOM YAD / Assur".

"MEQOM YAD/ASSUR" will be the magazine we will publish irregularly in digital format and probably in physical format.

"MEQOM YAD" is "the place of the hand": the hand refers to our propensity for action, the hand it is linked to the activity of the Eye, the interface between perceiver and perceived.

"MEQOM YAD" indicates the latrine, a place outside the order and structure.

The place where the excrementitious matter is deposited.

"ASSUR" ("forbidden", "prohibited") because the nature of our action is antinomic and cainic.

"ASSUR" because the deviation from the norm is what become an accelerator for the human fuel.

For any information, contact with the Q.309 network or for any phisical partecipation in our actions write to: