⫸ Introduction to the system Q.309

To start, we publish some extracts from the writings which describe the system developed by us called Q.309: a radical gnostic current based on Actions that stimulate the energies of the Anti-Path 26.
[some coordinates taken from "The Q.309 handbook"]

Gnosis and Action

Q. 309 indicates a system that studies, experiments and uses an anti-noetic natured method able to stimulate and convey a change in the phenomenological experience.
Q. 309 exalts in its Opus Luxuriae the matter and the energies which this conveys.
Q. 309 is the Setian impetus to permanent change supported by an indeterminate and undifferentiated cosmic vision.
Q. 309 accomplishes its first and only reductio ad unum not recognizing any difference between sacred Act and Mundane Act.
Q. 309 exalts the Qadratum as a flesh diagram.
Q. 309 plans a conjungence with the divine sphere by an Imitatio Dei.
Q. 309 argues that the divine is a mechanical procedure activated by actions.
Q. 309 is a tendency to the acausality that dispenses the thought from its cause-effect drifts, leading to the awareness of being directly involved in the creation.
Q. 309 nullifies The concept of consequentiality and denies equilibrium as the ultimate goal, depending on the fact that our act in an act of union with an active, dynamic and ever-evolving form of eternity.
Q. 309 has as his fulfillment the Chaos/void as a Order in Life, the elevation of sensation experience to an all-pervading point in opposition to everything that is formed, limited, causal, orderly.
Q. 309 is an affirmation disrupting the processes of linear causality by transcendence through consciousness, perception, body.
Q. 309 is a permanent deserter and opponent of everything that sees an end in the apparent balance.
Q. 309 operates within a radical Gnostic current to which we refer with the figure 309 and whose coordinates are attesting on the interaction and turbulence of ש and ט, that mobilize the setian axis mundi allowing the formulation of the Alogos "KHPR".

The Flesh of God melts with the one who creates it


The anti-path 26

Q. 309 is an experiential and accumulative way that allows you to interfere on the matter through the venereal way.
The actions envisaged by the anti-path 26 put in conflict the existing and the possible, considering the ensamble of illimatate but inform possibilities devoid of materiality filtering them through a thought of flesh whose process makes the Desire descend at the level of creation through the Union of form and matter.
Through a work that sees the one par excellence, the body, as an instrument, we correct the wrong conception of attending a fragmented scenario in which the body is the center of sensory and cognitive experience.
The unity is the deconstructive path that merges  ש ט / ה (What it is) to ש ט/פ יר (What is not yet) by creating the mystical form of "The one who is hidden/who has no figure", the conjunction of abstract possibilities.
In this act the points of intersection between matter and divine are amplified and multiplied infinitely.
The libido is elevated as the absolute dimension of psychic dynamism and becomes the motion of dissolution towards states of perception that allow to approach the root of the matter/energy interface.
The desire is considered a divine hypostasis that contains the foundation of all, because the desire is the door of sensation.
The pure desire creates the beginning, the detachment from the steresis in an immediate, simple and indeterminate way; it is the first paradox that arises from the absence and cannot be mediated by anything nor be determined.
The flesh not conveyed by the Porneia is wasted matter, is the impure darkness of inert matter and does not participate in the reintegration of Extra-divine chaotic reality to the Intra-divine cosmos.
The Anti-path 26 exploits the energy produced by the stimulation of ע, the turbulence of ש and ט.


The Gnostic Turbulence 309

Q. 309 is part of a cainic Gnostic current conceived and developed on irrationality, unlike currents of a rational or pneumatic nature.
This irrational action generates an Àlogos.
ש and ט make up the vocalise of Set in his being in KHPR.
The ע glyph indicates this path by representing its unity: The impermanence of ש in ט and the coexistence of every possible reality.
According to the elaboration of cells 309 in the double nature of ע, from which everything is enacted, ש represents the movement, which is the only substance of any matter, the quadratum, while ט is the Nothing describing the ultimate reality of ש.
In ע, all the agglomerates and events that apparently spring are interconnected by a non-causal lattice.


Azazel, the reversed time and the phallus of set

ע is therefore the Setian Atum that creates and destroys the worlds by altering the perception in a scenario where everything is vibration and each manifestation an event of probability.
In the Q309 system, ע in its twofold nature is allegorized in the formula A.DJed.El and becomes the phllus of Set, the element that gives energy to the Àlogos K.H.P.R. through the desire that brings out every conglomerate and makes it reach its final form.
There are similarities between the formula A.DJed.El and the frequency of Azazel, the Living Tower of God, the dragon, the dissolving power of the A-causal, the anti-time that allows the retreading of the space/time lattice.
Azazel is traditionally associated with the Capricorn and in its adherence to the Anti-path 26 he is the explicitation of ע as the left eye of Set.
The phallus of Set is the axis mundi that vibrates together with the matter come to fulfillment.
The phallus of Set is the Anti-Ouroborus that breaks the closed cycle of causality and opens up to the Infinite series of potential acts.
The act of erection of the DJed is an anti-creative act that allows the Àlogos K.H.P.R. to Pierce Cosmic planes and establish a two-way channel supported by the sensation and mobility of desire through the frequencies that compose the "real".


KHPR: The Four absences

KHPR is a proclamation of desire that enshrines abstention from the causal universe.
Dissolving the random nature of the perceived world and the mechanistic conception of the cosmic machine, KHPR becomes a "tendency to become" untied from any form of determinism but embracing every single wave of probability contained in the structure of the Universe.
KHPR unifies different vibration states in a single fundamental pulse.
KHPR means the setian modus of continuous becoming, its correspondences with the DJed describe its penetrative nature and its venereal mechanics.
KHPR does not describe a "being-in-the-world" intended as an accidental act happened to man, but a "being-in-its-own-element" of turbulence.
KHPR creates prototypes of Cosmos not yet realized.


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