⫸ MEQOM YAD / Assur

MEQOM YAD; “the place of the hand”. Propensity to action and activity translated into the Eye, the interface between the perceived and the perceiver.

MEQOM YAD; the Latrine, the place where faecal Materia is deposited.

MEQOM YAD; the place outside the inhabited center frequented by men. The place of the solitary becoming into decomposition.

MEQOM YAD; the collection of the theoretical writings concerning the Q309 frequency and its investigation of the "Teipara dysfunction".

The Q309 frequency develops access codes through which modify the structure from which the creaturely experience emanates.

The atomization of the Reign as a cognitive tool.
The Flesh is the specific syntax of the Emanation.
The definitive permutation of the Emanator is 309.

The Emanator, 309, we, are One.

MEQOM YAD/Assur  - N°02 - 2023

out september 2023


MEQOM YAD/Assur  - N°01 - 2020

01_ Q.309: gnosis and action
02_ The anti-path 26
03_ The gnostic turbulence 309: Porneia
04_ כהפר – the 4 absences:  Alogoς
05_ עזאזל, the time and the phallus of שׁט
06_ Ma-urt/Taweret: the tantric setian body
07_ The false transmutation from שׁט/ה  to שׁט/פעוֹר 
08_The desert of שׁט
09_Q.309: gnosis and action/2

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