MEQOM YAD; “the place of the hand”. Propensity to action and activity translated into the Eye, the interface between the perceived and the perceiver.

MEQOM YAD; the place where faecal Materia is deposited.The place of the solitary becoming into decomposition.

MEQOM YAD; the collection of the theoretical writings concerning the [q]309 frequency and its investigation of the "Teipara dysfunction".

The [q]309 frequency develops access codes through which modify the structure from which the creaturely experience emanates.

The atomization of the Reign as a cognitive tool.
The Flesh is the specific syntax of the Emanation.
The definitive permutation of the Emanator is 309.

The Emanator, 309, we, are One.

MEQOM YAD/Assur  - N°02 - 2023


10_ The frequency [q]309: gnosis and action/3
11_ Dominion of ע:a Scorpion must be fed
  • ש Abolition of the ritvs (Quadratum)
  • שׁט/ה Left eye of ע
  • ט The nonthinking light (Null)
  • שׁט/פעוֹר Right eye of ע
12_ כהפר -The Four  absences/2
13_ T.W.R.T. / Theipara dysfunction
14_ The body of non-pertinence [system E.:G.:C.:]
15_א  /Expansions / Notes

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MEQOM YAD/Assur  - N°01 - 2020


01_ Q.309: gnosis and action
02_ The anti-path 26
03_ The gnostic turbulence 309: Πορνεία
04_ כהפר – the 4 absences:  Aλόγος
05_ עזאזל, the time and the phallus of שׁט
06_ Ma-urt/Taweret: the tantric setian body
07_ The false transmutation from שׁט/ה  to שׁט/פעוֹר 
08_The desert of שׁט
09_Q.309: gnosis and action/2

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