⫸ "MEQOM YAD / Assur" magazine N°1 is OUT.

ש and ט compose  the vocalization of  Set  in his being in ע


The first issue of "MEQOM YAD/Assur" magazine is OUT!
"MEQOM YAD/Assuris the first part of the Q.309 handbook. 
It will come out regularly and will be the basis for the diffusion of the theories elaborated in our Quadratum.

01_ Q.309: gnosis and action

02_ The anti-path 26
03_ The gnostic turbulence 309: Porneia
04_ כהפר – the 4 absences: Alogoς
05_ עזאזל, the time and the phallus of שׁט
06_ Ma-urt/Taweret: the tantric setian body
07_ The false transmutation from שׁט/ה to שׁט/פעוֹר
08_The way of the Action
09_The cells 309
10_The desert of שׁט
11_Q.309: gnosis and action/2


1_The Gods of the mud and the 4 couples of the batrachian-gods
2_The 4 superior hypostasis of שׁט
3_סמאל in the anti-path 26